How To Use The Template

You can quickly create new pages for your website by using one of the 7 template files included in PHP Website Template.
Page Templates
  • blank.php A blank page template for creating additional pages
  • contact-us.php A contact us page with a Google Map
  • portfolio.php A gallery page
  • flexslider.php FlexSlider
  • one-column.php
  • two-columns.php
  • three-columns.php

Adding Content To Your Page

Open your preferred template file in a plain text editor such as NotePad, TextPad, etc.
You can either copy the format of your preferred template file to insert new text, enter your own content using html, or use our Online HTML Editor and then just copy the source code and paste it into your website template page. Remember to use "Save As" when saving your file, otherwise you will overwrite the original template file.

Add The Page To Your Menu

If you would like your page to appear in your website's menu, open includes/config.php and add the relevant information.

Upload To Your Website

Once everything is created and saved, upload the new pages as well as the updated config.php file to your website using FTP.

Sticky Side Column

If you're using our PHP Website Template, this is the optional side bar column you can add to some or all of your pages. It can be useful for adding advertisements such as Adsense ads to be displayed on multiple pages.
When you include the side column, your main content will automatically adjust its width to accommodate it.
The side bar is 'sticky'; it will scroll down and remain in view.
You can turn on/off the side bar column per page by defining the $showSide option located at the top of each file.