How To Modify PHP Website Template Theme

If you have some basic CSS experience, you can easily modify the theme of PHP Website Template using the css/style.css stylesheet. This will allow you to change the color scheme of the pages, your menu, as well as buttons.
(Coming soon) If you don't have CSS experience, we will be adding some additional color schemes (available as themes) that will be posted on this page.

Modifying style.css

Open css/style.css in a plain text editor such as NotePad, TextPad, etc.

Modifying Page Layout

If you want to modify the layout of elements on the page, you may need to modify the css/phpwt.css stylesheet, as well as the header.php and footer.php template files.

Sticky Side Column

If you're using our PHP Website Template, this is the optional side bar column you can add to some or all of your pages. It can be useful for adding advertisements such as Adsense ads to be displayed on multiple pages.
When you include the side column, your main content will automatically adjust its width to accommodate it.
The side bar is 'sticky'; it will scroll down and remain in view.
You can turn on/off the side bar column per page by defining the $showSide option located at the top of each file.